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“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” Steve Jobs


Our Unique Value Proposition

The ATech approach to green home building is to reduce energy needs by building smarter - not to replace current heating or cooling technology with some new yet-to-be invented widget or unproven alternative energy source, all too often promoted by misguided government programs.

Our Building System - Enviro System - substantially reduces the cost of both heating and cooling while also providing controlled ventilation with heat recovery to ensure a healthy indoor living environment.

Enviro System uses a Trio of Technology – insulation, air tightness, and indoor air quality – to build healthy and cost effective super energy efficient new homes that substantially reduce their carbon footprint.

Our building science and philosophy is to build smarter and better using common off–the-shelf products - the result is cutting energy needs by up to 50% from typical U.S. built new homes that FAIL to address air tightness.

In milder climates like found in the U.S. northwest, Enviro System can cost effectively deliver the Near Zero, or Net Zero energy efficiency results now being sought by customers, builders, and electrical utilities of that region.  

Unlike other competing construction systems for advanced energy efficient homes, our Building System does NOT require specialized equipment or manufacturing facilities  it is a knowledge based system that can be easily implemented through training processes.

Enviro System has been developed, tested, and proven in use over the past 25 years, so unlike many of the new green building options now appearing, new home builders or home buyers are not guinea pigs testing the untested.

This Canadian developed Building System meets or exceeds all advanced energy codes like those in Minnesota and Canada, or being considered by North Dakota cities in response to low quality new homes built there to accommodate the Bakken Oil Boom.

Enviro System℠ - with its Trio of Technology - cost effectively reduces the carbon footprint of new homes - allowing the building TODAY of green and socially responsible new homes to provide real ownership benefits without breaking the bank.

So why is this not being generally used today? Because for the past 30 years Enviro System has been protected as a Trade Secret - only used to gain a competitive advantage in the RTM Home industry.

NOW, for the first time, our Building System will be offered for implementation and use by other qualified contractors and home builders.


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