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The ATech Advantage

ATechBuilder Corporation provides RTM Home building and business operating technology needed to set up and operate Production Facilities capable of building better homes than regional competitors on opening day, and supports facilities with production managment services and marketing programs.

American RTM Homes™ with Enviro System™ deliver a unique three pronged advantage - a super energy efficient home with the exclusive designer features of a custom stick built home - both of which come with the convenience and benefits of a factory built home delivered to your lot.

ATech proprietary technology and business services are summarized in the four different areas below.


Industry Specific Experience to customize setup of new RTM Home Production Facilities based on local conditions.

  • NOT market specific so Production Facilities may be located away from targeted markets – ideal for servicing strong markets with labor and housing shortages like the Bakken.
  • Ownership and economic development options ranging from labor and / or supplier owned to investor to community economic development initiatives - ideal for allowing economic growth from the Bakken to benefit communities outside its immediate impact area. 
  • Scalable production options to build from 10 to 15 units annually or to grow to 50 plus units, with multiple startup options available for either inside or outside construction.
  • Specialized labor training and proprietary tools for Enviro System insulation techniques, for OVE manufacturing processes, and for specialized RTM Home building processes.


Enviro System Building Technology to provide a Construction Value Proposition that separates from ALL competition.

  • Most cost effective production system in the Industry for achieving super energy efficient standards using the whole house as a system approach for insulation, air tightness, and indoor air quality.
  • Trade secret building system provides competitive advantage over other advanced energy homes as well as regional redi-built and modular home competitors - the Construction Value Proposition.
  • Only floating wall technology in the Industry reduces delivery damage that is considered normal by competitors, and eliminates many other common new home interior finish problems.
  • Home design options and artistic design features are NOT easily duplicated or copied by any competitors due to the unique  framing techniques used for Enviro System construction.
  • Integrates into manufacturing environments to provide production advantages including reduced indoor facility size and waste reduction from complimentary OVE (optimum value engineering) building processes.


Business Operating Technology to put in place instant business experience in a high profit, high dollar volume industry.

  • Industry specific business processes provide per RTM Home profit tracking using ATech’s Task Logic™ materials inventory and piecework pricing database that integrates with both the American RTM Homes™ Sales Manual and with QuickBooks® accounting software.
  • Industry specific SoftPlan® CAD processes provide both proprietary production drawings to reduce labor costs and special order material takeoffs needed for customizing homes based on Customer Choices. 
  • Scalable based on initial local capabilities with transfer of business responsibilities from ATech to the Production Facility possible as internal core business management competencies mature.
  • Customizable operating options with ATech able to setup either stand-alone OEM Production Facilities or facilities fully integrated in a Lumber Yard or Retail Home Center environment.


American RTM Homes™ Brand to deliver a Customer Value Proposition attractive to both home buyers and key suppliers.

  • Original RTM Home plans with artistic design features are sold using ATech's exclusive House Cost Analysis (HCA) pricing that integrates with its RTM Home Sales Manual to provide full customer contract transparency.
  • Design Centers with Show Homes in regional trade centers serve as a first point of contact for customers and are used to sell from one or more Production Facilities with support by regional and internet marketing.... 
  • Fully finished Show Homes allow customers to see, touch, and feel what they can have in their new American RTM Homes™ to create the emotional buying experience - the Customer Value Proposition.
  • Upgraded supplier products are displayed in new Show Homes to make sales of these easier, and this is supported by ATech's HCA pricing system resulting in increased product sales - the Supplier Value Proposition.


ATechBuilder Corporation Intellectual Property creates the American RTM Homes™ Value Proposition for production, marketing, and sales.

What we do is provide the ingredients (industry specific business services) and the secret recipe (licensed intellectual property)  so you can bake the best cake around (American RTM Homes™ with Enviro System) to sell to customers.

ATech provides proprietary Intellectual Property consisting of industry specific home building and manufacturing technology, and the business operating and product marketing processes needed to support this.

ATech Intellectual Property creates the conditions necessary for entering into the RTM Homes business with the same level of expertise found at only some of the oldest players in the industry, and sets the production standards that make American RTM Homes™ with Enviro System the industry leader.

Intellectual Property is transfered under liciensing terms of a General Operating Agreement to Production Facilities to first set them up and develop core compentencies in the form of their local RTM Home Building Trades Cluster needed for production, and then to develop regional marketing programs using Design - Sales Centers.

ATech charges minimal upfront fees for setup work and ongoing production services with the value of licensing fees for its Intellectual Property being determined by the profitablity of the specific Production Facility and / or Design - Sales Center - licensing fees are back end fees paid from profit share. 

 ATechBuilder Corporation protects its Intellectual Property through the use of trademarks, service marks, copyright, trade secrets, confidentiality agreements, and when applicable, patents.