RTM (Ready To Move) or Redi-Built Home Builders


ATech is presenting here the first comprehensive listing of Canadian and U.S. players in the niche market industry that is RTM and Redi Built Homes. Each company is linked to their website for comparative evaluation of products between the different builders and regions to assist in evaluating business potential for American RTM Homes™.

As you scroll down this webpage you will get an overview of where this unique industry is TODAY in both Canada and the U.S.


In the U.S. - Redi Built Homes


North Dakota Redi Built Home Builders


South Dakota Redi Built Home Builders

The SD Redi Built Home industry began to develop in the early 90's out of Madison and Watertown, and most builders are still located in that region. Current production is estimated to be in the range of  300 to 400 units annually with markets extending into Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, and North Dakota, primarily east of the Missouri River. 

  • Cashway Redi Built Home Center, Watertown SD
  • Steinmetz Redi Built Home Center, Watertown SD   This company was the undisputed premier builder of Redi Built Homes in South Dakota prior to the opening of American RTM Homes™ in Aberdeen in November of 2011.
  • Custom Touch Homes, Madison SD   This is the largest builder in the state now producing over 100 units annually, and building inside of a facility capable of holding about 40 homes at a time until they are fully completed.
  • Superior Homes, Madison SD   This company was a manufacturer of modular and trailer homes in Watertown that entered into the redi-built homes market in the late 2000's from a facility located in Madison.
  • Brewster Homes, Millbank SD
  • Builders Cashway, Miller SD
  • Prairie Heritage Homes, Fort Pierre SD
  • ProComm Builders LLC, Brentwood Hutterian Brethren Inc, Faulk County SD This Hutterite Colony obtained all its RTM Home and advanced super energy efficient home building technology from ATech under the terms of a Joint Venture Agreement which they broke 7 months after the highly successful roll-out of their American RTM Homes™ Sales Location in Aberdeen SD in 2012. Currently they are being sued by ATech for their alleged unauthorized use of ATech's RTM Home designs and for other potential breeches of their second Licensing Agreement which could potentially lead to the termination, by ATech, of their Building System License for the way they build advanced energy homes. DISCLAIMER: ATech no longer has oversight for how its Building System is being used by Brentwood / ProComm and is NOT responsible for any changes or modifications which may have affected its overall integrity either positively or negatively.


Minnesota Redi Built Home Builders

Like ND, Minnesota RTM Homes have mostly been imported, originally from Manitoba and now from South Dakota. However unlike Canadian Homes, SD redi built homes have to be modified to comply with Minnesota energy codes which are essentially the same as Canadian codes.

Also like ND, the accessiblity of first Canadian, and now SD redi built homes is a factor preventing greater development of this industry in the state.


Montana RTM or Redi Built Home Builders

Montana was a good market for Canadian built RTM Homes from a number of SK locations from the mid 90's to the early 2000's however by 2006 these companies had voluntarily withdrawn from the Montana market due to the State's obstructionist policies.

ATech opened its first and only company owned American RTM Homes™ facility in Malta MT in 2008 to demonstrate its business model. Rather than being embraced by the State as a new manufacturing enterprise, ATech was subjected to the same obstructionist polices as Canadian builders had been, along with being undermined by the local economic development organization, PhillCo - all at the same time as the U.S. economic collapse was unfolding.

The geographical location chosen by ATech in north central Montana was, and remains one of the best northern U.S. locations possible for RTM Home production, with excellent access to strong Canadian markets as well as to North Dakota's Bakken. However the lack of a qualified labor force, combined with other issues, resulted in ATech relocating to South Dakota in July 2010.

Montana had one other RTM or redi built Home builder, Romo Lumber in Bainville MT located just west of  Williston ND. However this company closed down in the spring of 2012, and the pressure of escalating costs from being directly situated in the Bakken region was likely a contributing factor. 

  • NONE


Texas Redi Built Home Builders

Like the Canadian prairies west Texas has the correct geography and demographics for the RTM or Redi Built Home industry to develop. The biggest difference between the 2 regions would be a larger population base in west Texas.

Based on website information, it would appear that the Redi Built Homes industry may have begun slightly earlier in west Texas than it did in Saskatchewan, perhaps as early as the late 60's and certainly sometime in the 70's. No estimates on current production levels are available at this time.



In Canada - RTM (Ready To Move) Homes


Saskatchewan RTM Home Builders

Canadian RTM Homes were pioneered in Yorkton and Saskatoon, and from these Saskatchewan centers the industry has grown. Current RTM Home production in Saskatchewan is estimated to be in the range of 800 to 1,000 units annually.

Yorkton – East Central Area

  • Deneschuk Homes, Yorkton SK & Minot ND   This company was a pioneer in both Saskatchewan since 1975, and in North Dakota out of their Minot sales location since 1998. They have built over 1,400 RTM Homes for Canadian buyers and over 200 for U.S. buyers primarily in North Dakota - however they pulled out of this market in 2014 most likely due to unfavorable exchange rates which did NOT favor Canadian builders. All their RTM Homes are built in Yorkton SK. with annual production now in the range of 100 units.
  • Railside Homes, Bredenbury SK   This is a family owned Mennonite business that has built RTM Homes since 1979 on their farm about 30 miles outside of Yorkton, and was also a pioneer in the industry. Their production would typically range from 10 to 20 units annually, at a scale manageable as a family run business.
  • Wood Country RTM Homes, McLean SK This company is located in southern Saskatchewan near Regina.

Saskatoon - Northern Area

  • J&H Homes, Saskatoon SK   This company was a pioneer in Saskatoon, building there since 1969. In the 1990's they scheduled and built an RTM Home per week, mostly as inventory for sale, and have since increased that to 2 per week, or in the range of 100 units annually. 
  • Warman Homes, Warman SK   This company was also a pioneer in the Saskatoon area and has been building RTM Homes since 1984. Their current production is likely over 50 units annually, possibly as high as 100 - in addition to building locally on-site. 

Both these companies, J&H and Warman, also supplied RTM Homes into U.S. markets, primarily Montana, but stopped - before losing the exchange rate competitive advantage - as a result of being frustrated by that State's policies. 


Manitoba RTM Home Builders

Growth of the industry in Manitoba was driven by 2 factors, initially the RTM Homes being sold by Yorkton SK builders into Manitoba communities, and then by strong North Dakota and Minnesota markets for Canadian built RTM Homes from the late 90's to the late 2000's.

While the U.S. markets have been severely restricted for MB builders due to the weakening U.S. dollar, that has been offset by strong markets in the Canadian Bakken region of south western Manitoba and south eastern Saskatchewan. Current RTM Home production in Manitoba is estimated to be in the range of 500 units annually.  

Northern Area

Winnipeg - Southern Area

Most of the southern Manitoba builders, due to their proximity to the border, were able to capitalize on U.S. markets for their RTM Homes until the currency advantage was lost.


Alberta RTM Home Builders

While Alberta has had strong markets for RTM Homes for decades, the industry was kept out until the late 90's by provincial moving restrictions on full size, single piece RTM Homes. When these policies favoring modular and trailer homes were finally removed, Alberta became an instant building boom for many RTM Home builders in western SK.

Since the late 90's the RTM Home industry in Alberta has been established in a few regions, and current RTM Home production is estimated to be in the range of 500 units annually.

Lloydminster & Edmonton - Northern Area

  • Nelson Ready To Move Homes, Lloydminster AB   When Alberta markets were opened up for RTM Homes, this company was first to establish production. For them it was a simple transition as they had been building pre-manufactured wall systems and supplying packaged homes into western Canadian markets since 1949.

Calgary – Southern Area


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