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“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” Steve Jobs


Our Unique Value Proposition

American RTM Homes™ will look virtually the same when completed as conventional new homes however innovative technology changes the way they are built, and more importantly, how they perform.

Original copyright home designs for use with Enviro System offer many artistic design features not available with conventional construction - while American RTM Homes™ offer the full range of common design features.

Customer Choices for interior finishes suit the full spectrum of lifestyles - ranging from designer drywall and paint finishes to lighting features to closet systems and high quality, custom kitchen cabinetry from premier manufacturers.

American RTM Homes™  a re craftsman-built at a centralized Production Facility using ATech’s proprietary Enviro System℠ and OVE manufacturing processes to offer customers cost effective, environmentally appropriate new homes.

Our manufacturing processes would also qualify for numerous green certifications including the prestigious LEED Certification IF this was to be pursued by a Production Facility.

Special Ready-To-Move building processes eliminate most moving damage during delivery of single piece, fully finished new RTM Homes - main floor living modules ranging from 1200 to over 2,500 square feet in size.

ATech's RTM Home technology, originally developed in Canada, differs from U.S redi-built homes because our production objective is not only increased building efficiency, but also increased energy efficiency, craftsman level workmanship, and minimal moving damage - things NOT found in most typical modular or redi-built homes.

When completed American RTM Homes™ look like any other real new home but perform and feel better because of Enviro System℠ - while delivering years of maintenance-free living at a greatly reduced cost-of-ownership.

While ATech previously only allowed its Building System - Enviro System - to be used by American RTM Home businesses this advanced building technololgy is NOW being offered for use by conventional new home builders wanting to offer super energy efficient upgrades to their Customers.